Roberta Curiel
has worked as a professional guide of Venice since 1990. University degree in foreign literatures (English and Spanish). Now back to university for a First Level Degree in “Conservation of Cultural Heritage”. Author of “The Venetian Ghetto”, a book on Venice's Jewish history and synagogues (Rizzoli International Publications, NY 1990).

Passions: cinema, culture and leisure trips to Latin America, Northern Africa and Asia, growing plants and flowers (as a neophyte), tasting food and wine.

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
Sara Cossiga
has worked as a professional guide since 1991. University degree in modern art and literature. In 2005 worked for BBC program "Journeys from the Centre of the Earth" on an issue focused on Medieval Venice and the Salt Route.

Main topic: contemporary art – also deals with the Venice Biennale.

Passions: though very thin she’s a gourmet and an excellent cook! Recently has become a professional sommelier.

Languages: English, French and Italian.