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Highlights of this tour

Greek Church
Arsenal - State Shipyard
San Zaccaria nunnery & Church
Biennale & St Elena Gardens
St Peter's Cathedral
Dalmatian Fraternity - Scuola degli Schiavoni

Castello Discovery

Castello owes its name to an ancient Roman castle and occupies the easternmost part of Venice. As Venice looks like a fish, we can say Castello is the tail, pointing towards the Adriatic Sea.  

Our discovery starts, past the tourists taking pictures of the Bridge of Sighs, with the intimate space of Campo San Zaccaria, towered by the lavish façade of its Church, interesting blend of late medieval and early Renaissance architectural features.  

Your guide will tell you about the life of the nuns enclosed here for many centuries, spending a word about the human condition of upper class women in the Venice of the past.  

We continue with the Greek Orthodox complex, silent and elegant, where you’ll spend some taking pictures of the leaning Bell Tower and learning about the importance of this foreign community in Venice.  

Few steps away are the headquarters of the Dalmatian community – the building is called Scuola degli Schiavoni – enshrining one of the best preserved 16th century interiors of the whole city.  

On request we can enter to enjoy the fairy tale atmosphere emanated by Carpaccio’s canvases.

Dedicated to the stories of St George, Augustine and Tryphon, the cycle, painted by the Venetian artist in the first years of the 16th century, is an unforgettable gem.  

We reach then Campo San Giovanni in Bragora, where we’ll conjure up the spirit of one of the most famous Venetians ever: Antonio Vivaldi. The great musician was born in this area and baptized in the Church here.  

Through narrow streets, still populated by unfashionable little shops, we reach one of the most monumental sites of Venice: the entrance to the ‘Arsenale’, the ancient shipyard of the Venetian Republic.  

The powerful Towers, the giant Lions statues, the majestic Portal with the grinning Winged Lion, the massive brick walls tell us about the maritime power of Venice through the centuries.  
Everything here witnesses the efforts of the Serenissima at keeping the enemies away, and the capacity of its rulers to organize the activities here with impressive efficiency.  

We proceed our Castello discovery entering a more secluded part of town, not so frequently explored on a short time visit to Venice, where something of the traditional boat building and boat repairing activities still survives.  

We won’t find great palaces of illustrious families here, but rather the modest houses of the workers of the Arsenal and a more genuine atmosphere, with children playing in the streets and the laundry drying outside.  

Almost at the end of our journey now, we enter, walking a long wooden bridge, into a small circular island, once called Olivolo (=small olive), where a beautiful white stone Bell Tower and an imposing Palladian church stand in the middle of a beautiful meadow.  

We’ve reach St Peter’s, for many centuries the Cathedral of Venice: isolated as it is, this area offers a moment of quiet beauty where we can forget for a moment the crowds of St Mark’s Square and Rialto.  

At this point your guide will escort you to the main waterfront, pointing out the way back to the center – it is a scenic walk along St Mark’s Bay – or, if you wish, to St Elena Gardens, the largest and most beautiful park in Venice.

More about this tour

Venice is divided into two parts by the course of the Grand Canal, Each of the two section has three districts, that we call the six 'sestieri':

San Marco, Castello, Cannaregio - north of the Grand Canal
San Polo, Santa Croce, Dorsoduro - on the south 

Each sestiere has its peculiarities and atmosphere...To explore and enjoy the whole city we suggest you to stay in Venice at least 5 days.

If you also intend to see some of the major islands of the Lagoon, like Murano, Burano, Torcello, Giudecca, we think you should schedule an entire week in Venice!
Cost of this tour
Cost of this tour The tour lasts three hours and costs 280 euros for parties up to 6 people.If you have a large group please email us!
How to book Dress code and advice
Dress code and advice Comfortable shoes it is a long walking tour we will probably visit some churches, so you should wear no sleeveless garments (short sleeves are ok) and no very short shorts (knee high are ok)