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Highlights of this tour

Titian's Announciation at San Salvador
Tintoretto' s masterpieces at Madonna dell'Orto Church
Titian's Home in Cannaregio
Titian's masterpiece in the Rialto area

Titian & Tintoretto: a Tale of Passion and Power

Walking the streets of San Marco, Cannaregio and San Polo,  entering some of the churches, reading some of the memorial plaques it won’t be difficult to conjure up the careers, passions, loves, friendships, fortunate or tragic events  that marked the life of the two great painters, colleagues and rivals in Renaissance Venice.  

   The history of some of their most celebrated works and their intense human experience will be brought back to life, always keeping an eye, of course, at the historical frame (the Council of Trent and the Inquisition, the war against the Ottoman Empire,  the Plague in 1575…)

    In particular, the itinerary will touch San Salvador (to see Titian’s radiant  Annunciation)near St Mark’s Square, and, past the Fondaco dei Tedeschi (where Northern businessmen stayed)  the area of San Cancian the neighborhood where Titian lived, not too far from Aretino.

    Continuing deeper into Cannaregio,  we pass by the Fondamente Nove, the waterfront wherefrom Titian could see his Alps, and, if possible, we have a look at the newly restored Martyrdom of St Lawrence, masterpiece of Titian’s old age.   

  Finally we reach  Tintoretto’s home and enter the Madonna dell’ Orto Church, where  he and his painter daughter ,Marietta,  were buried and  where we can still admire some of his most visionary and enormous  canvases (the Final Doomsday,  the Miracle of the Golden Calf…)  

  And then, across the Grand Canal and through the Rialto area, the Church of San Giovanni Elemosinario, where Doge Francesco Dona’ was masterly portrayed by Titian in ‘disguise’, wearing the vest of a saint !

More about this tour

We’ll imagine to be back in late Renaissance Venice, ideally covering the period spanning  from  1527, when Pietro Aretino, Titian’s  influential  friend and promoter,  definitely settled in Venice, to  1594, when, almost literally, Tintoretto died while still holding the brush in his hand. 

   Venice was then a thriving city of some 150,000 residents, had already started to decline as an international trading hub but had acquired a world status as an artistic and cultural center, an attractive milieu for artists, intellectuals, entrepreneurs and adventurers  of many kinds.  
   Not only men, but also women, in the vest of art collectors or as sophisticated and cultivated courtesans , played an important role in the city. A good number of wealthy tourists came to admire the legendary ad unique “ Serenissima”, to collect  art and crafts,  to enjoy food, theater ,music and liberal life.   

   Titian and Tintoretto, although very different from one another both in style and personality, were deeply involved into this stimulating milieu, and, with their strong  characters and their long and fortunate careers left a deep mark into their century. 

   If not for the deep insight of their portrait paintings, just to mention, it would be much harder for us to reconstruct the spirit of that age.
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Cost of this tour This tour lasts 3 hours and costs 280 euros, for parties up to 6 people.
This price is per tour not per person.
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