September 2, 2018
Planning to stay in Venice just for one day, or, even worse, just for few hours, is like buying a big box of delicious, mouth-watering, top-quality chocolates, eat just one of them and then throw all the others in the dustbin!

Venice isn't small, it is all very beautiful with a variety of styles, atmospheres and buildings, and deserves time, attention, and a respectful approach. 

Before you leave home, we advise to spend some time learning about its millenary history, its long political independence and commercial fortunes, its painters, musicians and architects.

Also, we recommend you not to choose a hotel or apartment too close to St Mark's Square or to the Rialto Bridge, as you'll be constantly kept 'prisoner' in the busy commercial streets, clogged with souvenirs'shops and hasty day-trippers.

The city is all walkable - but you can also use waterbus transportation - and there's plenty of picturesque corners with boutique hotels and thousands of good apartments.

Every time you'll come back you can decide to stay in a different neighbourhood: San Marco, Castello, Cannaregio, San Polo, Santa Croce, Dorsoduro.

No doubt you'll want to come back, as you'll fall in love!

Downtown Venice deserves at least five full days, then one long day should be dedicated to the Lagoon and its islands.

Another very long day to visit Venice's contemporary art venues (Guggenheim, Pinault museums, Art Biennale...).

A week at least, ten days if you want to see some of the other Veneto cities (Padua, Vicenza, Verona Treviso..). The region has so much to offer, and the historical towns are of great interest.

Two weeks in Venice will be perfect to visit some of the many monumental villas spread in the Veneto countryside, taste some local wines and food, and, last but not least, spend one refreshing day up on the spectacular Dolomite Mountains.

Best time to come are the mid-seasons, April to June and September to November. Christmas in Venice can also be a great choice, you might happen to see Venice in the snow!

According to season, personal interests or mood, you may decide to visit Venice giving more time to museums, art collections and churches.

Find a good guidebook or a good professional guide, visit the 'must-sees' - St Mark's Basilica and Doges' Palace early morning or late evening, and then proceed to the Accademia Galleries, Scuola Grande San Rocco, Frari Church, Ca' Rezzonico, Ca'Pesaro, Ca' Mocenigo, San Giovanni e Paolo Church, Miracoli, Ca' d'Oro, Madonna dell'Orto, Jewish Ghetto and so on...

Or, if you prefer walking around and staying outdoors, you may decide to envision Venice as a huge open air 'living' museum.

As an alternative to walking, you might plan to move around the many canals by private or public boats. But no cars, buses or scooters, and not even bikes...

Most of the richest family homes were built to be seen from the water, so we advise not to miss at least one boat tour along the Grand Canal and not only (the net of canals is about 30 miles).

If your traveling philosophy includes blending with the locals and pretending to be a native yourself, at least for few days, you might like to explore local markets, artisans' shops and linger, Venetian-style, with a glass of wine and a 'cicheto'.

With a little luck you might be able to make friends with some true Venetians, but we advise you not to wait too long, Venetians are an extinguishing species! Less than 54,000 now, in the 16th century Venice was over 150,000 residents, 50 years ago we were 130,000!

If you decide to visit on your own, don't be scared of getting lost, that's part of the charm of Venice! Even at night, the city is still very safe. Backstreets, small squares and minor canals are quiet. clean and often breathtakingly beautiful, a real gold mine for photographers.

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