A History of the Lagoon and the CityThis new exhibit casts a different light  and provides unusual  points of view on the  glorious history of the millenary “Serenissima” Republic, bringing visitors besides the great events and the heroes that [...] Read more >  WATER AND FOOD IN VENICE   Along the walkway « Riva degli Schiavoni » that connects St.Mark’s Square with the old Shipyard, stands the tall façade of the Chiesa della Pietà, once part of an institution for unwanted and abandoned children, the Ospedale della [...] Read more >  THE VIVALDI MUSEUM AT THE CHURCH OF THE PIETA'   The history of a family through its collections    Rather than a family of great politicians, or warriors, or sea captains (apart from the great Admiral Vettor Pisani, in the 14th century, who saved Venice from the Genoese)  the Pisani, old aristocratic family, shine in [...] Read more >  THE PISANI MORETTA AT CA' REZZONICO
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