The exhibition is on at San Giorgio Maggiore Island until January 8th, 2017 with 300 wonderful glassworks on display. Not to be missed!Paolo Venini's alchemy of Muranese top quality tradition and innovative design gave new life and energy to glass making in the period between the two world [...] Read more >  PAOLO VENINI AND HIS FURNACE   Shakespeare sets 13 of his 37 plays in Italy, an exotic  land of passion, violence and intrigue, and two of them, The Merchant of Venice and  Othello, a comedy and a tragedy, are partly taking place in Venice.   Shylock and Othello, the Jew of Venice  and the Moor of Venice, [...] Read more >  WANDERING IN SHAKESPEARE'S VENICE   An important exhibition is on  at the Doge's Palace in Venice, it will continue until November 13th, commemorating 500 years from the establishment of the Ghetto of Venice.The Venetian Republic found convenient keeping the Jews in town, in particular the Ashkenazi group was a [...] Read more >  VENICE, THE JEWS AND THE GHETTO
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