The history of a family through its collections    Rather than a family of great politicians, or warriors, or sea captains (apart from the great Admiral Vettor Pisani, in the 14th century, who saved Venice from the Genoese)  the Pisani, old aristocratic family, shine in [...] Read more >  THE PISANI MORETTA AT CA' REZZONICO   Old Palazzo Giustinian shines with new light: the ideal should be being able to see it over and over again,in order to enjoy the  range of variations created by the light flooding in from the  canal below  interacting  with the renovated artificial [...] Read more >  MURANO: THE NEW GLASS MUSEUM   499 years ago the Ghetto of Venice was established, first ghetto in history, and was to become one of the most important crossroads of Jewish culture for the following centuries. The word itself 'ghetto' originates from Venice, meaning 'metal foundry', hinting at the previous activities of [...] Read more >  FUND RAISING TO CELEBRATE THE GHETTO 500TH ANNIVERSARY
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