The night of November 12th, 2019 will be hardly forgotten in Venice. Due to an exceptional high tide that reached the record level of 187 cm on the local datum at the Punta della Salute, 80% of the city got flooded, and it was recorded as the second highest tide in the history of Venice. As the [...] Read more >  NOVEMBER 12, 2019: HIGH TIDE IN VENICE, A MEDIA TSUNAMI?   FROM TITIAN TO RUBENSMasterpieces from Antwerp and other Flemish CollectionsSeptember 5th 2019 – March 1sr 2020Venice, Palazzo DucaleOpening hours: Mon – Sun h.8,30 am – 7.00 pmLast admission h.6,30 pmIf you come to Venice in winter not only you'll find the city far less [...] Read more >  "FROM TITIAN TO RUBENS" AT THE DOGE'S PALACE   ‘Art is a fruit that grows in man, like a fruit on a plant, or a child in its mother's womb’: these words he wrote in 1932 are emblematic of Hans (Jean) Arp’s artistic research during almost six decades.Born in 1886 in Strasbourg (Alsace) from a German father and an Alsatian [...] Read more >  'THE NATURE OF ARP' AT THE GUGGENHEIM IN VENICE
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